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Buying/Selling Your Home and Other Real Estate

Sprucing-Up Checklist

A home is, for most of us, the biggest investment of our lives. When it comes time to sell, we should do all we can to protect that investment. A bit of attention to detail can add hundreds if not thousands to the price you get for your home—with minimal expenditure. Here's a checklist of items to consider:

  • Paint trim & shutters
  • Wash aluminum siding & windows
  • Replace loose or damaged shingles
  • Clean gutters
  • Repair holes in screen doors & windows
  • Get rid of clutter & unneeded furniture
  • Prune shrubbery / plant small evergreens
  • Plant inexpensive flowers along entry-way
  • Keep lawn mowed and well-manicured
  • Replace rusty mailbox
  • Replace old doorknobs & cabinet pulls
  • Replace broken window panes
  • Brighten up rooms—use lighter curtains
  • Increase light bulb wattage
  • Clean carpeting / remove pet odors
  • Keep porcelain fixtures shining
  • Repair leaky faucets & toilets
  • Keep appliances clean
  • Repair holes, scratched woodwork, moldings, paint flaws
  • Keep backyard clean & orderly
  • Keep fresh flowers inside the home
  • Keep immaculate bathrooms & kitchen
  • Clean out closets—lose the clutter
  • Use air fresheners and light colored towels
  • Oil squeaky doors / replace switch plates
  • Buy a new doormat & trash cans
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